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Friday, January 27, 2006

Testing for Cross country heterogeneity in Growth Models
using a finite mixture approach

Marco Alfo', Giovanni Trovato and Robert J. Waldmann

We use an empirical model to test if the economic growth can be
considered exogenous in the Solovian sense. We apply multivariate
mixture model proposed by Alfo' and Trovato (2004) to the
Bernanke and Gurkaynak (2000) extension of the Solow model. We
find that the explanatory power of the Solow growth model is
enhanced, since growth rates are not statistically significantly
associated with investment rates, when cross-country heterogeneity
is considered. Moreover we find no sign of convergence to a single


Unknown said...

can we get a link or must we settle for an abstract?

Unknown said...

also, G├╝rkaynak NOT Gurkainak. The lack of a ├╝ is understandable, but the mans name has a y not a i in it.


Robert said...

Thanks for the spelling correction. I still can't manage an umlaut (how did you do it ?).