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Monday, May 31, 2004

It's official The Washington Post editorial board writes
"Mr. Kerry is in the process of setting out what looks like a sober and substantial alternative to Mr. Bush's foreign policy, one that correctly identifies the incumbent's greatest failing"

and closes

"Mr. Kerry's argument is that he has a better chance of making it work. It's not a bold offer to voters -- but it's probably the right one."

So it looks like the are endorsing Kerry.

I wonder if Charles Krauthammer finds the new tone agreable. This is a matter of great urgency to me, because I suffer from neurotic leftiness and I think that Dr Krauthammer is the only psychiatrist who can help me.

I have an offer Dr Kruathammer, quit the Post and practice psychoanalysis. I am willing to pay you to analyse my neurotic inability to understand that you are always right about anything.

Let no one say that I am not willing to suffer a fate worse than death for the cause.

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