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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Whole Trinity

Not the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. There are other trinities in our religious tradition. One is faith hope and caring. They sure are three separate things. I care a lot but I have very little hope. Another is that God is omnipotent, benevolent and omniscient. I realize that I believe in two Gods. There are the laws of nature which are all powerful but have no mind, no understanding, no clue. There is the moral law which is benevolent but absolutely powerless. It can't make things happen. It can't even speak to us. However, there isn't pure knowledge nor could there be. The point is that I see no deep connection between what is and what should be. Hence caring with little hope.


dilbert dogbert said...

Father Son and Holy Ghost
Whut! No Momma?????
Sort of like the founding fathers of the republic - No Mothers.

JimV said...

I'm not sure there is a universal moral law, rather than just various combinations of competition and cooperation strategies. A grizzly bear defends its hunting territory from other bears. Wolves hunt in packs. Maybe what is immoral is to switch strategies from what has been the customary one for personal advantage, or to espouse a strategy for others while using a different one. Anyway, the victors will write the morality books.

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