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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Left Wing Idiocy on Campus

Josh Barro notes that Republicans hate colleges and universities. The naive kid argued that this shows a cost of the recent left wing idiocy on campus.

Almost everyone on twitter who is older than Josh Barro (that's not enough I need a majority) was highly amused. The point is that there have been irritating left wing idiots at college since long before I enrolled (OK maybe 13 years before I enrolled but I am not old damnit).

My favorite example was the Harvard Law students indignant that the racist Harvard Law School hired the head of the NAACP Legal Defence Fund to teach about civil rights law. I thought that nothing good could come of that.

The result is that the Law Review had to find an African American who wasn't convinced that kowtowing to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund is racist.

His name was Barack Obama.

Something good came of that.

Since 2008, I have had a different attitude about left wing idiocy on Campus.


John Cislowski said...

Post-Modernism is just pumping out legions of the indoctrinated from much of the Left controlled campuses. It is a ticking timebomb permitting such a deadly ideology to perpetuate, as if last century wasn't demonstration enough of the outcomes.

reason said...

I thought Post-Modernism was mainstream on the Right these days.

dilbert dogbert said...

When sh*t like this is the talk of the day, it is a good time to review some old newsreels of police dogs, lunch counters, fire hoses, bombed and burned churches, young black women trying to walk to high school and "stand'n in the school house door".