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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Pseudo Journalist Joe Concha Libels Bill Maher

This post not only demonstrates incompetence. It is clearly libelous. Please read it before reading my comment. non disclaimer. I am writing this in Italy. The standard for libel & for calunnia of a public figure is making a false damanging statement. I am absolutely not protected by the first amendment. Calunnia is a crime punishable by prison. I have no fear that Concha might sue or denounce me. The reason is that I can prove my claim (which follows) My comment Maher certainly did not give $1 million to the Obama 2012 re-election campaign. Even after citizens united, contribution to campaigns are limited. The donation was to a super pac of some kind. This isn't a detail. It casts doubt on this entire post. The problem is that, since super pacs are not officially linked to candidates, the distinction between donating to help Obama (as Maher claimed) and donating to a "Clinton affiliated entity" may be a distinction without a difference. What does it take to be "Clinton affiliated" according to Assange ? I'd guess that the two are discussing the exact same $ 1 million. Assange didn't name the entity. It is possible that the name would have proven Maher to be a liar, but I think it more likely that he didn't name it, because it would show that your suspicions are unfounded. Google tells me that the super pac is "Priorities USA Action" . Google also tells me that Priorities USA action is now helping Clinton After 3 minutes of googling, it is very clear to me that the million donated to a pro Obama pac is the exact same million donated to a "Clinton affiliated entity". Maher's claim and Assange's are perfectly consistent. You present absolutely no evidence which casts any doubt on Maher's honesty. By the way, either you knew that Maher didn't donate a million to Obama's campaign (as you asserted) or you recklessly disregarded the truth of falsehood of your claim. You are supposed to have some role of some kind in reporting on politics, so if you were not reckless you would have known that your claim was false. It is also, in the context of your insinuations, damaging to Maher. This post is libelous. I'm sure Maher won't sue you, but I suggest you correct your gross material error, just in case he does,

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