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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Living in the Real World

I think it is almost possible that the Editorial Board of the Washington Post may have decided to stop ignoring reality. To me the editorial entitled "Only a handful of GOP candidates are living in the real world" is news. My general impression is that the WaPo unsigned editorials have been well right of center for decades with a strong focus on how it would be good to invade Iraq and cut Social Security. I might have just missed other reality based editorials, but I don't recall such a frank assertion that the GOP has gone nuts. To be sure, the editorial is a compromise; it is a polemic written by a committee. They looked hard for traces of Republican sanity. Given their influence inside the beltway, I think it would actually make a difference if they continued to frankly note Republican craziness. To be more specific, I think they influence spineless moderate Democrats who won't get to the left of the WaPo editorial board.

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Anonymous said...

True to Washington Post form, they single out Christie as a candidate solidly positioned in the real world... for advocating cuts to Social Security. And they treat "re-invade Iraq" uber-hawk Lindsey Graham to a bit of tongue-bathing as well.