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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Islamic State and the End Days

Graeme Wood received a lot of attention when he tried to understand the Islamic State (aka ISIS aka ISIL aka Daesh). He argued that their actions more nearly make sense given their belief that IS is "a key agent of the coming apocalypse." So how's the End of Days coming ?

Looks to me that they are well on their way. IS has managed to make de facto allies of the USA, Iran, the Assad regime, Hezbollah and the al Nusra front. Yes that would be al Qaeda in Syria. When the USA and al Qaeda agree on something, can the apocalypse be far ?

But, to me, the final proof was the following: The one and only Charles de Gaulle is under US command. The one and nuclear powered ship in the French navy, not President General Charles de Gaulle, who is rolling over in his sovereign grave.

Repent repent for the day of judgment is at hand.

1 comment:

reason said...

I sort of wonder sometimes what IS really want to achieve and who they are really working for. They seem remarkably effective at
1. Making enemies even when their various enemies are themselves enemies (as you note)
2.Seeking out and eliminating potential Jihadi's in Europe. (And if they don't eliminate them, they clearly mark them as suspect).

If they were working for the CIA they couldn't do it much better.