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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Phrase of the Day: Fournier Transform

Fournier Transform: This phrase is a technical term which describes the process through which an urgently needed excellent moderate proposal supported by all very serious centrist pundits changes into a partisan extreme one sided bill when Obama proposes it and Republicans reject it. the Fornier transform is somewhat similar to transubstatiation, as unbelievers are not able to detect any difference at all between the text of the needed proposal and the text of the partisan bill. It is also the same as similar to the change of the word in the Nicene creed from Homoosian to Homoiosian (which lead to many deaths back when the stupid was even stronger, hard as that is to believe). (for those who know as little Greek as I do, Homoosian means "of the same substance" and Homoiosian means "of similar substance").

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