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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Only Kynect

Alternative Title Kentucky Lied Chicken Grammatically correct alternative alternative title Kentucky Chicken Lied. Did you know that Mitch McConnell said that a discussion of Obamacare had no connection with the question of what to do with Kynect (as Obamacare is called in McConnell's Kentucky) in a press conference he called to denounce Allison Lundargen Grimes dodging the question of whether she would have voted for the PPACA (aka Obamacare aka Kynect in Ky )? Yes the candidates in the already bitter battle agree entirely. Neither has anything bad to say about Kynect or anything good to say about Obamacare. They are likely to keep debating Kynect V Obamacare for a while, because Kynect is popular and Obamacare isn't Ignorance has had serious consequences even before election day. "Only 26 percent of those who didn’t enroll (in Obamacare) were aware that there were government subsidies available,"

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