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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The West Is Red

Who said it ?  2013 edition
"that which the American people have been waiting for for the last 200 years, politicians listening to the people instead of the ruling class"

That would be far right tea-partier Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)
The mountain West is red.  Red Staters vs the capitalist class.

In the same post Dave Weigel quoted a Texas businessman in the 1930s

 “The capitalist system can be destroyed more effectively by having men of means defend it then by importing a million Reds from Moscow to attack it,”  

It is true that reds from Moscow Russia are not much of a threat to the capitalists system.  But red staters from places like Moscow Idaho practically destroyed it last week. 

And yes, of course I found the Republican against the ruling class contrarianism in Slate. What did you expect ?  The Daily Right To Worker ? 

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jones said...

In America we also have "red state socialism" where republicans in poor rural areas oppose "subsidies" -- despite the fact that they depend on subsidies.

The blue states subsidize the red states, who then attack subsidies.

America also loves NFL American football, which is organized like communism:

And the popular team Green Bay Packers is publicly owned, the most communist team in the communist NFL.

There's even more communism in America: America loves driving, it symbolizes freedom, but the Federal interstate system is subsidized.

The Federal gasoline tax was last raised by 5 cents in 1993, and is not indexed to inflation. For the Interstate system to be solvent, the Federal gasoline tax would need to be raised 40 cents per gallon (right now gas is about 3 dollars 50 cents per gallon).

Driving in America is communism.