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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bring back Ballance all is forgiven.

I have accused the Washington Post and, especially, the headline person(s) of Ballance, but I really wish they would make their hatred of Rick Perry a little less obvious.

Perry’s ‘Texas miracle’ helped by government

Michael A. Fletcher 9:23 PM ET

The federal government’s role in the state’s prosperity contrasts with the “go-it-alone” image cultivated by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who credits lack of government interference with fostering a business-friendly environment.

Call em like you see em sure, but please please look at something other than Rick Perry before you make me puke.


jre said...

I just got here, so please forgive my lack of context.

Is "Ballance" a pun on "balance"?

Robert said...

thanks for the question and sorry I left out the usual link. Ballance is a pun on balance and the last name of former Congressman Jack Ballance (D - damned if I remember).

He appeared in a Cilizza column called a corruption score card or something. The idea was to count D and R crooks. The rule (made by Cilizza) was only current office holders. Ballance was no longer in office at the time.

Josh Marshall blogged noting the breaking of the rule in a manner which favored Republicans. Cilizza explained that an editor (un-named) had added Ballance for balance.

I use "Ballance" to refer to gross blatant cheating designed to make up for the known liberal bias of the facts. I use the word often.