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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Frontiers In Granting Anonymity

In a New York Times article on how a slight relaxation of the US-Cuban trade embargo is helping Cubans, Victoria Burnett blazes and new trail and sets a new standard in granting anonymity

A State Department official, who requested anonymity because the policy is politically delicate, said that “additional people-to-people contact and enhanced economic independence from the state” helped to “undermine repression.” In an e-mail responding to questions, the official said such benefits outweighed concerns about “the Cuban government profiting indirectly.”

So "A State Department official" demanded anonymity in order to defend current policy by stating the totally obvious.

The embargo loving Cuban American lobby is strong. Of course, Cuban Americans are no longer united. I was sent to the article by anti embargo Cuban American Matthew Yglesias.

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