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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prof. Leila Hudson U Arizona wrote what seems to me to be an excellent article on the anti-Gadaffi Coalition of eager vs not so eager

I don't know if she knows the risk of unknown unknowns, but she sure writes well. For example, she is confident that the Turkish military is currently effectively under civilian control. The article isn't ballanced. It is clear that Prof. Hudson wants Gadaffi out of power. But I don't remember the last time one of the usual background analysis pieces impressed me so much.

I have been compulsively surfing (even to the level of correctly typing aljazeera on the first try) to find out what is going on in Arab countries. The original reason was that they care a lot and had boots (OK shoes) on the ground at Tahrir square.

The University of Arizona is far from Libya, so I have to reassess the strengths and other strengths of Al Jazeera. How did this happen ? At a time when formally good news sources (cough CNN cough) have turned dumb, how is al Jazeera possible?

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Anonymous said...

"how is al Jazeera possible?"

Maybe it´s not a supply side problem - but a matter of heterogeneous demand.