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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Pro messes up with Pronouns

"Dems Cantwell, Feingold Voted Against Ending Debate ... GOPers Collins, Snowe Voted In Favor ... Reid: 'A Senator Broke His Word With Me'"

OK well I guess he cant have been named Cantwell. If that senator is not Feingold, and I were Russ Feingold, I'd be pissed ... er than usual. I'd say that good sense requires saying either "A Senator promised me a vote and didn't deliver" or "A Republican Senator broke his word with me," or, hell, if that's the way it is, "Feingold lies like a dog."

I'm pretty sure it wasn't Feingold, because Reid would have been careful not to rule out Cantwell if it was (remember being a Senator means never having to say you're sorry). The TPM post makes it farely clear that it was my senator (blush) Scott Brown "Reid pleaded with Cantwell and Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), to help bring debate on the bill to an end. Brown had communicated his intent to vote with the Democrats, and publicly waffled on the floor before finally voting no."

Cantwell's vote will cost 30 hours of debate on her "bring back Glass Steagal" amendment. I guess a heavier cost is that Democrats will have to vote one way or the other on the amendment and enrage either the people or the bankers. Tough choices.

update: Scott Brown admits he played Harry Reid for Charlie Brown. That kid is just not ready for the big leagues.

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