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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ultimate Ballance

I think I'm going to have to retire the word ballance. Not because it never caught on. Not even because I let Josh Marshall scoop me on the original Ballance article, but as a number is retired by a sports team.

I don't think that even Chris Cillizza will ever be able to surpass

The Fix: Does Ensign cloud GOP ethics argument?

The banner headline discusses alleged embezzlement from the RNC, but Cillizza doesn't even mention that story. Instead his line is that the very likely indictment of a US Senator will cause scandal balance.

I think that reaching that conclusion required great self discipline even for Cillizza. In the article he quotes Republican operatives ... only. Obviously they are willing to claim that the situation is balanced. So he just decided that no claims ty anyone but Republican operatives were to be noted at all. Also they were all granted anonymity. Cillizza doesn't say why he granted anonymity as required by the Washington Post Policy which is systematically ignored.

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