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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Opinions on directions on Earth Differ

Matthew Yglesias writes "But when it finally did come up for a vote only six northern senators voted against it—Byrd of West Virginia, Hickenlooper of Iowa, Goldwater of Arizona, Mechem of New Mexico, Simpson of Wyoming, and Cotton of New Hampshire."

I decided to object when I read that West Virginia was in the North (next Yglesias will claim that he personally lives in the North even though he lives South of the Mason Dixon line. But I mean two, not one but TWO, Northern states which border on Mexico.

Look I understand that kids these days don't know jack about geography, but that is weird.

Now it is very simple Matt. Without going down into anything really deep, "South" is a direction, "deep South" is a state of mind.

1 comment:

TobyCat said...

"I'm from the North, I'm from Maine."

"Wait a minute, you told me you were born in Dallas."

"That's right. I'm from the Main part of Texas."