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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Jet Set

Newt Gingrich just can't get over his obsession with airplanes. About 23 hours ago, he complained that Nancy Pelosi is flying in a government jet.

Speaker Pelosi standing up to applaud the private jet line while she flies around in a government jet at taxpayer expense verges on bizarre

Yes I know it hurts Newt but you aren't speaker anymore.

This is the man who, according to Tom DeLay in his book "No Retreat No Surrender", "told a room full of reporters that he forced the shutdown because Clinton had rudely made him and Bob Dole sit at the back of Air Force One."

Yep the man cares about planes. Also he has seen the border of bizarre from the other side.

It's really sad. I propose we give Newt a ride in the Speaker's jet to help him get over his obsession.


John Emerson said...

Rhetoric and impaled bankers: revolutionary new trolley-car paradigm, together with an introduction to problematology. 600 words.

Michael Drake said...

Where others verge, Newt dares to breach.