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Friday, January 04, 2008

watching Huckabee on CNN

He gave an interesting victory speech after the Iowa Caucuses.

I tried to figure out his policy proposals. He seems to be in favor of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Also he doesn't like hate and likes families.

The rest is all about how it isn't about Mike Huckabee but all the people who welcomed Mike Huckabee into their state. Also We the People are the ruling class of America.

Rest about the campaign and winning and about how its about up not right or left.
This is the dumbest line I have heard yet in the campaign.

Of course no pundit mentioned that his only policy proposal is to take from the poor and give to the rich.

The man bases his campaign on his persona.

I'm worried. Only a total idiot would vote for someone who has no policy proposals. Does Huckabee have a majority ?

Update: CNN has declared Obama the overall winner. No one seems to want to mention Republicans. Gergen tried. He said something like "there were two important speeches tonight. Mike Huckabee. He transcended the issues."

Gergen transcended parody.

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