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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lost in Cyberspace

Lieberman concedes primary to Lamont. He also says he is running as an independent
. I think it is obvious that no honorable person can participate in a vote then decide that the outcome doesn't matter. Liberman could have honorably chosen to not contest the primary and to run as an independent. No person with any respect for democracy of fair play can play heads I win tails we flip again.

The sad sad story of Joe Lieberman meets the 21st century had a very very appropriate twist when his campaign's site went down. The lieberteam decided that this fit the narrative of blogofascists attaching the last civil and honest man and claimed that the site was hacked. They also admit they were paying "a bit more" than $15 a month for their partial share of a web server. Now one of those things about elections is that interest tends to peak around the day of the election. A site which had barely adequate capacity for months will crash soon before the election.

The Blogobarbarians are laughing at Lieberman's expense.
and laughing and laughing and laughing

The last is the best. Life is made of priorities and, it seems, that Lieberman's internet consultant doesn't have time to figure out what happened (or get the site up again) because he is too busy making unsupported accusations

Lieberman's internet consultant Dan Geary, who oversees, says he's still sure that their site suffered a "malicious attack." But when pressed, he said that they weren't sure that it was a "Denial of Service" attack, as he'd said earlier. He didn't have any more information about the nature of the supposed attack. "I've spent 99% of my time speaking [to reporters] about the story," he said.

Maybe could save some time with "I don't know. I'll get back to you when I know something. What is your e-mail address ?"

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