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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Is W a) a hypocrite or b) a total insane moron idiot hypocrite ?

we will find out soon. If he gives Jabbar Gibson, a medal (and by the way an offensively inadequate pardon) the answer is a) if he doesn't we must forgive him for he know not what be his ass and what be his elbow.

I am not willing to bet 10000000 to one that the idiot in the white house knows which is the distal extremity of his humorus and which is the opening left when he gastrulated (last thing he did competently)

updates: I confess I spelled hypocrite hypocrit (typo). The only thing I could ever stand about Quayle was the time he spelled potato p o t a t o e (as was written on the index card by some potatoe hed). My understanding is that Mr Gibson does not need a pardon, as Houston Police finally figured out that they should interpret the law with neither their asses nor their elbows but with that grey stuff.

I second the proposal to make Gibson the new head of FEMA. I would propose President but he won't be old enough for 15 years.

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